Readers ask: How To Make A Wooden Wedding Arbor?

What kind of wood should I use for a wedding arch?

I picked green Doug fir posts, because they were the most affordable option (if you’re not sure what green lumber is, check out this post). Alternately, you could opt for cedar, which costs a little bit more, but is also naturally bug and rot resistant—thus ideal for long-term outdoor use.

How tall should a wedding arbor be?

How Tall Should A Wedding Arch Be? Wedding arches come in different sizes and shapes, and you may have noticed that. The perfect arch should be somewhere between 7 and 8 feet, and about 6 feet wide. You want to have enough space for you, your true love and the officiant to stand between the two sides.

What can I use instead of a wedding arch?

Here are 19 ways to rethink the traditional wedding arch and make this ceremony detail feel all your own.

  • Oversize Arch. J WILEY PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Circle of Blooms.
  • Perfect Frame.
  • Geometric Trellis.
  • Homey Touch.
  • Wrought-Iron Gates.
  • Floating Garlands.
  • Ring of Flowers.

How do I keep my wedding arch from falling down?

With a large hole-saw, you could drill some holes down the center of some heavy logs. Then just stick the legs of your wedding arch in the drilled out holes. The logs will provide ample stability, just make sure they are heavy enough and have flat bottoms so they don’t tilt.

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Do I need a wedding arch?

Whether you’re hosting your ceremony at a church or in a ballroom, when it comes to indoor weddings you can absolutely get away with no arch. In fact, most of these places either provide one for you or have a built-in “focal point” ready and waiting.

What is a wedding Arbour?

If you’ve asked yourself the question, “What is a wedding arbour and do I need one?”, I’ve got you covered. A wedding arbour basically acts as the backdrop for your ceremony and can later be used to decorate the reception, or even double up as a photo-booth backdrop.

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