Readers ask: How To Make A Wood Window Valance?

How far down should a window valance hang?

Another rule of thumb used by decorators is that the window valance depth should be 1/4 of the overall window height, plus 1 inch. A 60-inch tall window, then, would call for a 16-inch deep valance, while a 48-inch window calls for a valance about 13 inches deep.

How long should you make a valance?

The length of the valance should be 1/4 the window height plus one inch. Using these measurements, cut a rectangle from your fabric and lining. Place the fabric and lining right sides together. Using a 1/2-inch seam, stitch the fabric and lining together, leaving an opening for turning.

What holds a valance?

The dust board is the top horizontal board that supports the top edge of valance as it hangs down in front of the window. The depth is the distance from the front edge of the board to the window wall.

How do you hang curtains under a cornice board?

How to Hang a Curtain From a Cornice Board

  1. Ensure there is enough room underneath the cornice board.
  2. Determine the type of drapery you are planning to hang.
  3. Purchase the hardware.
  4. Open the tension rod up to the necessary width, slide your panels on and squeeze the rod in underneath the cornice.

What is curtain pelmet?

A Pelmet adds a barrier at the top of Curtains & Blinds to prevent air flow, stopping the warm air which has risen to the top of the room from going over and transferring through the window. Adding a Pelmet frames your window and covers Curtain & Blind headings & tracks to create a neat streamlined look.

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How can I make my valance look better?

For a quick, easy no-sew topper, drape a window scarf over a curtain rod. Use a premade window scarf, or buy scarves or fabric you like and use that. When using fabric, be sure to β€œhem” the ends with fabric adhesive for a finished look. Valances – whether fabric, wood or even metal – give a room a polished look.

Can you put a valance over blinds?

Valance and Cornice: Providing Uplift These can be installed above any window treatments, blinds, shades or drapes. A valance is a length of decorative drapery over the top of the window. They often help to hide hardware like drapery rods, hooks, etc. There are several valance styles to choose from for your windows.

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