Readers ask: How To Make A Wood Grain Tumbler With Acrylic Paint?

Do you seal wood grain tumbler?

After about an hour, it is time to seal the wood look tumbler. Spray a clear coat of enamel over the entire alcohol ink tumbler. This will prevent the inks from running together when the epoxy is added.

Do you have to sand between coats of epoxy on tumbler?

Adding a Second Layer of Epoxy to Seal Vinyl on a Tumbler This is how you’ll seal the vinyl on the tumbler! The epoxy tumbler should be now be smooth and glittery. Do not sand the tumbler this time!

Can I use acrylic paint with epoxy?

Mixing paints and acrylics with epoxy is not recommended. So acrylic-based, water-based and even some oddly blended oil-based pigments don’t mix well. They can get clumpy and even leave a weird film on the finished product.

Do you need to seal alcohol ink before epoxy?

Covering alcohol ink on yupo paper with a coating of ArtResin is easy – in fact, epoxy resin takes alcohol ink next level, giving it a glossy finish and deeply saturating the colours to make them pop! If you really want it to stay exactly the same way, spray a sealant over it before you apply the epoxy.

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