Readers ask: How To Make A Mancala Board Out Of Wood?

What is a Mancala board?

Mancala is a generic name for a family of two-player turn-based strategy board games played with small stones, beans, or seeds and rows of holes or pits in the earth, a board or other playing surface. The objective is usually to capture all or some set of the opponent’s pieces.

How do you make a Mancala board with an egg carton?

Step 1: Take your empty egg carton and cut the top off. Step 2: Cut each end of the top, and cut two pieces from the edge in the middle. Step 3: Tape together the ends with the edge in the middle. Step 4: Tape or glue these pieces to the end of each side of the egg carton.

How do you play Mancala well?

Tips to win Mancala

  1. Opening Moves.
  2. Focus on your Mancala.
  3. Play often from your Rightmost Pit.
  4. Play Offensive.
  5. Play Defensive.
  6. Empty wisely your own Pits.
  7. Look ahead and watch your back.
  8. Be able to adjust your strategy at any time.

What is the history of Mancala?

It’s origins are rooted in ancient Egypt. Stone Mancala boards from 1400BC have been found carved into the roofs of Kurna temples in Memphis, Thebes and Luxor. The game spread from Egypt to many parts of Africa and then to the Middle East.

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How many marbles are in a Mancala set?

The 6 small cups on your side of the gameboard belong to you; your large scoring cup (mancala) is to your right. Each player takes 4 stones of every color, for a total of 24 pieces. Each player then places 4 stones in each of his or her 6 small cups. Choose a player to go first.

What games can you make out of wood?

Indeed, playing a DIY wood game that you’ve made yourself may be the only activity that is more fun than actually putting the game together!

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