Quick Answer: How To Make Wooden Games?

What games can you make out of wood?

Indeed, playing a DIY wood game that you’ve made yourself may be the only activity that is more fun than actually putting the game together!

  • DOMINOES. Photo: aestheticoutburst.blogspot.com.
  • BLOCK PUZZLE. Photo: makezine.com.
  • GIANT JENGA. Photo: amazon.com.
  • CHECKERS. Photo: alwayschasinglife.blogspot.com.

What wood is used for board games?

Select wood based on look but you can’t go wrong with walnut or maple. Use oil based finishes off you want a more natural look and something like spray lacquer for a more plastic look. Alternatively how to make a game board out of “cardboard” (is that right?)

How do you play pucket?

Pucket is a frantic dexterity game. Players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side (the “gate”). Any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent back before you win. The game appeals to anyone with a competitive streak.

What materials do I need to make a board game?


  1. Roll of paper — butcher, kraft or wrapping paper.
  2. Construction paper.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Tape.
  5. Glue.
  6. Markers or pens.
  7. Die.
  8. Game pieces, such as pieces repurposed from another board game, coins, small toys, etc.

What materials are used in board games?

Although board games from various parts of the world are different in form and content, components such as board, miniatures, cards, and dice have similar materials: die-cut cardboard, paper, and plastic.

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What are game pieces called?

What are the pieces in a board game called? Collectively all the pieces in a board game are called components, or less commonly, equipment. Common pieces include chits, tiles, counters, chips, dice, cards, pawns, standees and miniatures.

How many players is Quoridor?

Quoridor is a 2 to 4-player intuitive strategy game designed by Mirko Marchesi and published by Gigamic Games.

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