Quick Answer: How To Make Wood On Doodle God?

How do you cheat on Doodle God?

Chapter 1 Doodle God Cheats – Combination Guide

  1. Air.
  2. Earth.
  3. Fire.
  4. Water.
  5. Dust = Earth + Air.
  6. Lava = Fire + Earth.
  7. Steam = Air + Water.
  8. Energy = Air + Fire.

How do you make meat in Doodle God?


  1. Combine domestic animal and human to create meat.
  2. Combine bird and hunter to create meat.

How do you make brick in Doodle God?

Combine clay and fire to create bricks.

How do you make ant in Doodle God?

Combine beetle and work to create ant.

How do you make Philosopher’s Stone in Doodle God?

Combine demigod and quicksilver to create philosopher’s stone.

How do you make a demon in Doodle God?

Combine beast and darkness to create demon.

How do you make wolf in Doodle God?

Combine moon and beast to create wolf.

How do you make all the elements in Doodle God?

Combinations for the required elements in Episode 1 are as follows:

  1. Earth + Fire = Lava.
  2. Air + Earth = Dust.
  3. Air + Fire = Energy.
  4. Air + Energy = Storm.
  5. Fire + Dust = Ash.
  6. Lava + Air = Stone.
  7. Fire + Stone = Metal.
  8. Water + Stone = Sand.
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How do you make ship in Doodle God?

Combine boat and wood to create ship.

How do you make religion in Doodle God?

Religion is available by making one of the following combinations:

  1. Combine commandments and human to create religion.
  2. Combine apple and cellphone to create religion.
  3. Combine human and prayer to create religion.

How do you make money on Doodle God?

Money is available by making one of the following combinations:

  1. Combine gold and paper to create money.
  2. Combine copyright and knowledge to create money.
  3. Combine demon and soul to create money.

How do you make cheese in Doodle God?


  1. Combine bacteria and milk to create cheese.
  2. Combine bananas and rats to create cheese.

How do you make a cell phone on Doodle God?

Combine computer and radio wave to create cellphone.

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