Quick Answer: How To Make A Wooden Hanging Christmas Tree?

How do you dress a wooden Christmas tree?

6 Ways to Decorate a Wooden Christmas Tree

  1. Keep it simple and use just lights.
  2. Fill the branches with popular Christmas chocolates.
  3. Use fairy lights and fill the branches with ‘homemade inspired’ crackers.
  4. Break all the rules and use an array of colourful baubles.
  5. Tone it down and use trendy authentic baubles.

How yo make a Christmas tree?

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

  1. Choose your perfect Christmas tree.
  2. Unload the tree: If the tree is large and/or heavy, get help.
  3. Do a final measurement on the height of the tree compared with the ceiling height.
  4. Loosely put the tree on the stand.
  5. Clear a path to the tree’s display location.
  6. Move the tree in and stand it up.

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