Quick Answer: How To Make A Wooden Fleshing Beam?

What can I use as a fleshing beam?

Any hard wood will work fine, but the scraping surface should be rounded, smooth, and free of knots or anything that the knife might catch on and tear the hide. One of the coolest fleshing beams I have seen was made out of PVC pipe.

What are the dimensions of a fleshing beam?

Fleshing Beam – 7″ x 46″

What is a skinning board?

Typically, fleshing beams are made of wood, preferably hardwood, shaped and sanded to fit the user’s needs. The beam, made from a section of PVC pipe, was much smoother and harder than wood, and made fleshing much easier than with the wood beam I was using at the time.

How does a fleshing machine work?

A fleshing machine takes the place of non-powered fleshing knives and tools by using power to rotate a blade. Large, industrial fleshers have rollers and mini-teeth to scrape away the meat and fat from the skin. Once the cape is placed on the beam, small hand tools cut away at the tissues.

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