Quick Answer: How To Make A Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree?

How do you make a dowel Christmas tree?


  1. 1Make the centre of the tree. To make the centre of the tree, measure and mark the 26mm diameter dowel to 1300mm, cutting with a mitre saw.
  2. 2Measure and mark.
  3. 3Drill the holes.
  4. 4Measure the branches.
  5. 5Make the base.
  6. 6Drill a hole through the centre.
  7. 7Add the crossbar.
  8. 8Insert the dowel and add the branches.

How do I make my dowel smaller?

For a 3/8″ dowel I drill a 23/64″ hole thru metal, and then pound the dowels thru the hole to reduce their size a smidgen. Seems to work great, and during glue ups, after applying glue there is a snug fit without needing to pound the dowels into the holes.

How do you make a tree stand for hunting?

How to Build a Tree Stand

  1. Lie two 20 foot (6 meter) 2-by-4 beams side by side, with the 2-inch (5-cm) side facing up.
  2. Make the rungs.
  3. Place the rungs along the 20-foot (6.096 meter) 2-by-4’s at 18-inch (45.72-cm) intervals.
  4. Nail or screw the rungs to the 2-by-4’s, making sure they’re secure.

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