Quick Answer: How To Make A Treasure Chest Out Of Wood?

What do you put in a pirate treasure chest?

Fill the treasure chest with beads, gems and jewels from craft stores and flea markets. Let kids create original jewelry from old, broken jewelry pieces you salvaged from your jewelry box. Add some new ribbons, elastics and cords and have the kids string new treasures.

Has any pirate treasure been found?

These excavations were said to have been prompted by still older legends of buried pirate treasure in the area. No treasure has been reported to be found yet. Buried treasure is not the same as a hoard, of which there have been thousands of examples found by archaeologists and metal detectors.

How do you make a treasure chest out of a shoebox?


  1. Wrap the outside of a shoebox overlapping edges approximately ½ inch. Trim at corners and folds, if needed to reduce any excess bulk on the inside.
  2. Measure inside panels of the box.
  3. Cut paper to line the box ¼ inch shorter than top edge. Glue paper to the inside of the box.
  4. Decorate outside as desired.

How do you make a treasure chest out of a cardboard box?

Take your lid and begin taping it to your lid flap from the inside. Then, tape the back of the lid. Tape a small piece of cardboard to the front of your lid. Then tape another piece of cardboard to the front of the box for the clasp to slip into.

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What do you put in a hope chest?

Items in the hope chest traditionally included dishes, sheets, clothes, cooking accessories, and other household necessities. At the time when hope chests rose to popularity and for many decades afterward, a bride would be responsible for many household duties, so she brought what she would need with her.

How big is a hope chest?

Dimensions for this Cedar Hope Chest This chest offers 6.7 cu. ft. of storage and measures 42” W x 18½” D x 19½”H.

How do you make a treasure map at home?

How to make a treasure map!

  1. Mix the tea bags and coffee into a bowl of warm water.
  2. Once dry, your paper will look old and dirty – perfect for a pirate map!
  3. Time to design your map!
  4. Pain the map’s edges and flick it with specks of the tea mixture.
  5. Write a letter on each piece of paper and put them at the map locations.

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