Quick Answer: How To Make A Tool Chest Out Of Wood?

What kind of wood is used for tool boxes?

In most of North America, tulip poplar is an excellent choice for a tool chest. It is dirt cheap, available in wide widths and has a face for a paint brush (if you know what I’m saying). Other pines would be suitable for a tool chest. Sugar pine is a good choice.

Should I get a tool chest?

A tool chest is more than just a place you can store your tools. It’s an important part of your arsenal no matter what level of proficiency. In other words, whether it’s DIY, or a professional car garage, a decent tool chest is an absolute must. With all this in mind, you shouldn’t however just buy any old box.

How do you secure a tool chest in a van?

One of the most secure ways to keep thieves from getting to your tools, is to secure them in a heavy duty metal toolbox or tool chest, such as a Tuffbox. Tuffboxes can be bolted to the floor of your van, or secured with one of the Tuffbox chain locks in place.

Is Husky a good tool chest?

Our favorites are the soft close drawers and tough slides. This may be the best tool box value you will find anywhere. Those Husky tool boxes were priced competitively, and had some features that made them a pretty good value. I also loved the 46″ Husky workbench and continue using it even today.

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Where are Husky tools made?

Husky hand tools were formerly manufactured exclusively in the United States but are now largely made in China and Taiwan. All Husky hand tools have a lifetime warranty.

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