Quick Answer: How To Make A Flower Pot Man Out Of Wood?

How do you make a flower pot man?


  1. Paint the Pots. The smaller flower pots will be the arms and legs, and the larger pots will be the body and head, so paint accordingly.
  2. Assemble the Arms. Place a small pot on a table upside down.
  3. Attach the Arms to the Body.
  4. Build the Legs.
  5. Attach the Head.

Can you make flower pots out of wood?

Get lots of inspiration to build your own wooden planters! Container planters make gardening easy for any skill level or home! Whether you are in an apartment or in a large house with acreage, DIY wooden planters are a great way to add curb appeal or grown your own veggies! Making a wooden planter box is very easy!

How do you make flower pots out of logs?

Log Planter Project Directions:

  1. Stabilize the Wood Log. Find the most stable position for the log and attach the base side to a board.
  2. Cut Into the Wood Log.
  3. Make a Second Pass with the Hole Saw.
  4. Carve Out Planter Opening.
  5. Add Charcoal to the Base of the Planter.
  6. Plant Your Succulents.
  7. Add Soil.
  8. Finishing Up Your Log Planter.
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What can you make out of old flower pots?

9 Ways to Repurpose Planters and Pots When Plant Parenting Doesn’t Go as Planned

  • Store more in the bathroom.
  • Make a backyard bird bath.
  • Create a plant stand.
  • Use it as an indoor (or outdoor) focal point.
  • Storing entertaining and cooking essentials.
  • Problem solve in an entryway.
  • Hide your hose and gardening gear.
  • Make a candle.

Do I need to line a wooden planter box?

You need to line your planter box if it’s made from wood or metal. The liner will help prolong the planter’s life. You don’t need to use a liner if the planter is made using plastic, ceramic, or concrete as they are quite durable by themselves.

What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?


  1. Plastic Bottles. Recycle your plastic bottles by using them at the bottom of your big containers.
  2. Packing Peanuts. Reuse your Styrofoam packing peanuts as filler for large pots.
  3. Wood Chips. Don’t have enough of the previous two ingredients?
  4. Landscape Rocks.

How do I keep my log planter from rotting?

The best way to prevent deck planters from rotting is with a liner. Lining a wood planter prevents water and fungi from contacting the wood. Preventing rotting by separating that which is good for the plants, water and fungi from the wood.

How do you core out a log?

Hollowing Out a Log by Cutting it in Half The basic idea is to cut the log in half lengthwise and then hollow it out. Once you have two halves, you can just hollow it out as much as you need to by using a simple wood chisel. This might take a bit of time, but it will be an effective way to hollow out the log.

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What tool do I need to hollow out a log?

Whatever your reason or need, one of the easiest ways to hollow out wood is with a woodworking mallet and chisel. You can make circular hollows in little time with a drill and a woodworking bit. Woodworking routers are quick and precise, but the initial cost of this tool can be quite high.

What can I use instead of a planter?

6 household objects that make great alternative plant pots

  • Colanders. The drainage holes in a colander mean they are an excellent alternative plant pot for your flowers.
  • Tin cans. Another clever plant pot idea is to reuse old tin cans that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Tea pots.
  • Muffin tins.
  • Sinks.
  • Plastics.

What can I turn into a planter?

15 Upcycled Planters Turn Trash into Treasure

  • Toy trucks. When your kid gets too old to play with toy trucks, it’s time to turn that Tonka into a planter.
  • Shoe racks.
  • Wheelbarrow.
  • Apothecary jars.
  • Rain boot.
  • Tea tins.
  • Colander.
  • LegosĀ®

What can I repurpose as a plant stand?

Seating. Old seating pieces offer an option for a recycled plant stand. The flat surface of chairs, benches and stools work well to hold a potted plant. Some chairs and benches have seats that slant or have an area that dips down, which may cause the pots to tip.

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