Question: How To Make Wood Scented Candles?

How do you make WoodWick candles?

How To Make Wood Wick Candles

  1. Double up, placing two wood wicks in each wick clip.
  2. Using a kitchen measure half a pound soy wax and by pouring into a candle melting pitcher.
  3. Promptly remove the pitcher from the heat after melting to avoid the wax from burning.
  4. Cool the wax to under the flashpoint of the coffee oil.

What kind of wood is in WoodWick candles?

Both hard and soft woods can be used to make wood wicks, but balsa wood sticks are the easiest and most affordable option available. They’re long, lightweight wooden craft sticks that can be found at most hobby stores.

Can you use a toothpick as a wick?

Toothpicks, skewers, chopsticks, and popsicle sticks are all made of wood and would work as wicks when lit. You will need a metal bottom to hold your make-shift wooden wick. Keep in mind your container or mould for the candle you are making cannot be taller than the wooden wick you are using.

Are wooden wicks good for soy candles?

WOODEN WICKS DON’T WORK WITH SOY WAX. However, if you use the proper sized wick (we are talking about thickness as well as width), then wooden wicks are an excellent choice for soy wax. Many of our customers use our wooden wicks in their 100% soy wax candles.

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Are WoodWick candles bad for you?

WoodWick Candles are safe to burn, but as with any candle, there are some best practices when dealing with an open flame to not only ensure a clean burn of your candle but also to ensure the safety of your home.

Are WoodWick candles worth it?

Do WoodWick candles burn clean? Yes, the candles are made from a soy wax that produces a cleaner, virtually soot-free burn. Designed to capture the scent of a cosy evening by a warm fire, this candle not only smells great, it looks good too. Almost too good to burn, in fact.

What’s so special about WoodWick candles?

WoodWick candles have a reputation for burning cleaner than many other candles. They produce a natural smell and do not introduce additional smoke into your living space, that is, if they are used properly. When they are burned correctly, they can last for a very long time and burn without wasting wax.

Can I make my own candle wick?

You can treat homemade candle wicks with oil or salt but even plain cotton string works perfectly as candle wick. Cotton string candle wicks burn for a long time with a steady flame that doesn’t soot. By the way, you can use DIY candle wicks for homemade candles and DIY oil lamps.

Is a wooden wick better?

A wooden wick will heat your wax more evenly, helping you to achieve a more even burn over time. Wooden wicks are also a better choice for wider candles since they are more likely to be able to burn evenly to all sides.

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How do you make a wick stand up?


  1. Cut wick to your desired length; make sure to add 3-4 inches.
  2. Dip the wick into wax and straighten it out using a paper towel; this will help encourage the wick to stand up.

How do you burn a candle with a wood wick?

You’ll want to light these differently from cotton wicks, but it’s very simple: When lighting a wood wick candle, the best technique is to tilt it on an angle and let the flame draw across the length of the wick (kind of like how you tilt a match after lighting). It may also take several tries to get it lit!

How many wicks do you need for a wooden candle?

Typically, you will add 1 wick for every inch after a 3 inch wide container. So, for a 4 inch jar, 2 wicks. For a 5 inch jar, 3 wicks.

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