Question: How To Make Mismatched Wood Furniture Work?

How do you make mismatched wood work?

Swap out a piece or two. Try sanding a few different wood pieces down and applying the same stain. Introduce some contrast (I love pairing black –even stained black!). Look to that dominant wood tone, and start over if you have to.

Can you mix warm and cool wood tones?

Although you can mix warm and cool tones, it can be harder to pull off and your choices might not look right. A safer bet is to stick to the same tone throughout your space. This pretty kitchen from Precision Cabinetry and Design uses medium and dark tone woods but all with a warm undertone.

How do you style a mismatched dresser?

Using mismatched dressers also opens the room up to additional nonmatching pieces for an eclectic look that reflects your sense of style.

  1. Cohesive Color. For dressers that seem unlike in every way imaginable, color is the key to tying them together visually.
  2. Highlight With Hardware.
  3. Mix and Match.
  4. Add-on Embellishments.
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How can I make my furniture match?

How to Mix and Match Furniture Styles the Right Way

  1. Have a plan. It’s easy to get dazed and confused when going for a mix-and-match strategy.
  2. Colors tie things together.
  3. Don’t forget patterns.
  4. Introduce unrelated pieces.
  5. Make use of shapes.
  6. Utilize accents throughout.
  7. Make use of texture.
  8. It’s all about balance.

How do you make dark wood furniture look modern?

Paint wood furniture with a fresh color. If you really can’t make that dark wood finish work in your space, consider painting over the piece with a fresh color. Play it safe with a neutral hue that blends with the piece’s traditional look, or choose a bold accent color to make it really stand out.

Is it OK to mix woods when decorating?

While mixing wood tones is perfectly acceptable —and in fact, we encourage it—it always helps to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point to help you choose other pieces to bring in the room. When choosing your other wood tones to add to the space, always consult your dominant shade first.

Is wood cool or warm?

But usually, you’ll notice that most antiques have a warm undertone, just like Cherry, Mahogany, Hickory and Teak fall in the warm category, while Ash, Poplar, driftwood and reclaimed barn wood have cool undertones. Walnut is a great neutral wood because it has no real undertones, just like whitewashed oak.

Which wood tones go together?

The key to mixing woods is keeping the undertones consistent. Woods with warm undertones will look yellow or red – think Cherry, Mahogany, and Hickory. These woods will work well together, even if they vary in darkness and grain. Cool toned woods will look a little bit grey, like Ash, Maple, Poplar, or Pine.

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Can you mix black and white furniture?

Mixing black and white furniture calls for a black and white color scheme, a sophisticated and timeless combination that inspires many decor styles to complement your furniture and personal taste. You don’t have to give up color, either, because black and white makes a stunning background for strong, solid colors.

How do you deal with mismatched furniture?

Here are some tips and tricks for perfectly matching mismatched furniture:

  1. Find A Common Denominator. Source: Crystal Blackshaw Instagram.
  2. Choose Complimentary Colors. Source: SuzAnn Kletzien Design Instagram.
  3. Reinvent Sentimental Pieces. Source: Outline Interiors Instagram.
  4. Find Linking Elements.
  5. Embrace It!

Is it OK to have mismatched couches?

The danger in not having matching furniture pieces is that everything is an accent piece. Color is usually the easiest staple for your home decor, it’s very easy to keep the furniture in the same color, you may even reupholster or repaint the pieces to match them.

Is it OK to have two different nightstands?

And, while many people opt for matching nightstands, that’s not absolutely necessary. That’s the traditional approach, yes—but as with all design traditions, rules are meant to be broken! So you can definitely have two nightstands of differing sizes, shapes, finishes and even heights.

Should all the furniture in a bedroom match?

Is it ok to mix and match your bedroom furniture? Yes and absolutely! All matching bedroom sets are a thing of the past! Layering in, and mixing and matching different furniture pieces gives more fun and interest to your bedroom.

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Does all your living room furniture have to match?

Your living room furniture does not need to match; however, you can coordinate pieces to create a more put-together finish. Many people prefer to match focal points in their living space, such as the sofa and chairs, because of the polished look it gives.

Does all wood furniture have to match?

While wood finishes don’t need to match, they should complement each other. Look at the color bias of each wood to see if it is warm or cool, then make sure their undertones match, regardless of finish.

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