Question: How To Make A Wooden Christmas Tree Box?

What are the dimensions of a Christmas tree box?

One 1- x 12-inch x 6-foot common board. Three 1- x 2-inch x 8-foot common boards.

What are tree boxes?

Tree boxes are a green infrastructure stormwater control measure that are designed to collect the first flush of stormwater and treat it prior to discharge into the storm sewer system or to the subsoil.

What can I use instead of a tree skirt?

DIY Budget-Friendly Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree Skirt

  1. Live Root Ball. Cut the fabric of choice into a square large enough to wrap around your tree skirt.
  2. Deco Mesh Wreath. Grab a friend and make this festive deco mesh wreath to use as an alternative to a tree skirt.
  3. Faux Fur Blanket.
  4. Gift Box.

How do you make a tree collar out of cardboard?

How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree Collar

  1. Step One: Prep the Cardboard Box. Use a serrated knife to cut one corner seam of the cardboard box.
  2. Step two: Wrap the Box. Grab your kiddos’ glue sticks and your favorite wrapping paper.
  3. Step Three: Secure in Place.

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