Question: How To Make A Wood Burning Maple Syrup Evaporator?

How does a wood fired evaporator work?

Wood fired evaporators are available in two styles. The natural-draft wood fired arch has a cast iron front with a small door at the bottom that allows air to enter beneath the cast iron grates. This air is sucked into the fire by a natural draw created by the exhaust of gases out of the smoke stack.

How much does a maple syrup evaporator cost?

A new 2-by-6-foot evaporator and firebox will cost around $5,000, although used ones can be found. You’ll need firebrick to line your firebox, and don’t forget shipping costs. A 2-by-6-foot rig is quite small by commercial standards. If you intend to produce 1,000 gallons of syrup, you’ll need something larger.

What is a maple syrup evaporator?

An evaporator can be as simple as a pot on a stove or campfire for backyard maple sugar making, or huge, expensive, and elaborate custom-made equipment for very large producers. It uses heat to boil the sap which removes water from the sap in the form of steam. This helps the evaporator maintain a nice, steady, boil.

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Why do maple syrup pans have dividers?

(Syrup finishes at 7ºF above the boiling point of water. Regardless of whether the pan has a flat bottom, raised flues or drop flues, the dividers are there to enable “continuous flow boiling”, so you don’t have to make syrup in one big batch. The dividers allow you to draw off syrup little by little.

How do you know when maple syrup is done?

In professional maple syrup production, the maple syrup maker will boil anywhere from about five gallons to 13 gallons of sap down to about a quart of maple syrup. When the syrup reaches 7 degrees Fahrenheit over the boiling point of water (212 degrees F), or 219 degrees F, the syrup should be done.

What is wood fired maple syrup?

Wood-fired maple syrup is cooked over a wood fire. For traditional farmers who do not use reverse osmosis (a process that removes water content by pumping the sap through membranes), it can take one cord of wood to make 25 gallons of maple syrup.

What size maple syrup evaporator do I need?

Here’s how we might calculate a starting size: 10 taps x 1 gallon/tap= 30 gallons. Time available to boil sap = 4 hours. Evaporating capacity needed = 30 gallons/4 hours = 7.5 gallons/hour. A 24” x 48” evaporator might be the best choice.

Can I sell maple syrup?

On the other hand, for people who plan to sell processed maple syrup directly to consumers, you will need to acquire a retail food establishment license. However, personally produced maple syrup can be sold without one.

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Is there money in maple syrup?

The key to a successful maple syrup operation is controlling production to maintain an acceptable profit margin. The average annual operating cost would be about $2.87 per tap or about $11.50 per gallon of syrup (assuming that four taps are needed to produce one gallon of syrup).

How much does a gallon of maple syrup sell for?

The average U.S. price per gallon for maple syrup in 2017 was $35, down $1.70 from 2016. The average price per gallon in Vermont was $30, and 80 percent of the sales were bulk. In contrast, the average price per gallon in Connecticut was $69.50, and 49 percent of the sales were retail.

What do you use to boil down maple syrup?

How to Boil Maple Syrup – Steps:

  1. Set up a turkey fryer or wood fire in a safe place.
  2. Fill a boiling pot with 5 gallons of sap.
  3. Boil the sap for approximately 4 hours.
  4. When you have about a half gallon left in the pot, finish boiling on a stove.
  5. The syrup is done when it reaches 219°F or 66% sugar content.

How deep should a maple syrup pan be?

General rule of thumb is to keep the sap depth about 2 inches deep. This will keep your pans and syrup safe. Running the pans deeper than 2″ demands more from your fire and it will not boil as hard.

What’s in pure maple syrup?

The basic ingredient in maple syrup is the sap from the xylem of sugar maple or various other species of maple trees. It consists primarily of sucrose and water, with small amounts of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose from the invert sugar created in the boiling process.

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