Question: How To Make A Bear Out Of Wood?

What is the best wood for chainsaw carving?

Basswood is the wood of choice for most woodworkers. Although it is classified as a hardwood it is relatively soft and can be easily carved with a chainsaw. It is a solid option for beginners because it excels at accepting and holding detail. Basswood blanks can be found easily, most carving suppliers offer them.

How much does it cost to have a tree carved?

Prices vary, depending on the amount of detail, type of wood, diameter of log, height of tree, location, degree of difficulty, etc. As a rule of thumb, prices are generally $150-$250 per foot of carving up to a height of 5 feet. Above 5 feet, scaffolding is needed, and the price is about $200-$300 per foot of carving.

How do I seal my chainsaw bear?

Most of my carvings are sealed with Marine Spar Varnish which can be purchased at any hardware or paint store. This can be brushed or sprayed on. When cracks develop, I use a brush and let the varnish run into the crack and seal the wood. Do not try to fill the crack with varnish!

How do you preserve a chainsaw carving?

To keep your carving looking as good as new you just need to rub it down with a stiff brush once a year to remove any dust and debris then apply a coat of wood preserver as directed on the tin. If left the carving will eventually weather to a silvery grey colour.

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How do you make a carving log?

Learning how to dry wood will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

  1. Cut the wood into the sizes you will use to carve.
  2. Remove the bark if possible.
  3. Coat the end of the wood with a sealer like paraffin or shellac.
  4. Store the wood in a sheltered area where it will be out of the rain.

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