Often asked: How To Make Wooden Ear Gauges?

How do you finish wood ear plugs?

DO wax your plugs with beeswax on a regular basis. (You can use a soft toothbrush to distribute the wax and carefully rub it into the wood). This helps to moisturize and polish the wood. You’ll then want to finish them off with a drop of vitamin E, or alternatively jojoba, or mineral oil.

Are wooden gauges bad?

Wood is not an appropriate material to stretch ears with. Wood plugs should only be worn in completely healed ear lobes or piercings. Wood is a porous material and it can harbor bacteria. This could be a threat to a freshly pierced/stretched lobe.

What is the best material to gauge ears with?

Steel. Steel, specifically 316l surgical steel, is widely considered the best choice when stretching your ears from one gauge to another. It can be boiled or autoclaved (if you have one available) and is non-porous, which greatly reduces the chance for infection.

Can you get wooden gauges wet?

While similar in weight to wood plugs and tunnels, they require a different care routine. You’ll still need to avoid submerging them in water as they can still swell, but you can use damp cloth and antibacterial soap to clean them.

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Are wood ear plugs good?

Are wooden plugs good for your ears? Wooden plugs are usually fine for healed ears. Like with all materials though a lot will depend on your body. Wooden plugs are porous and so will need regular cleaning with a damp cloth as well as rubbing with jojoba oil.

Can you sleep in wood plugs?

I recommend you sleep with your plugs in your ears. Sleeping without them can cause irritation, dryness, and cracking. Wood is very porous, which allows your ears to breathe and reduces ear funk. If you do end up blowing your ears out, take out the new jewelry and put in a smaller gauge of jewelry.

Are silicone gauges bad for your ears?

Are silicone tunnels bad for your ears? Silicone tunnels are not bad for your ears so long as you have healed ears. It is a very lightweight and comfortable material for most people. If you have irritated lobes or have had any bad reactions to silicone before it should be avoided.

Is acrylic bad for gauges?

Make sure you don’t stretch with acrylic tapers or use plugs made of acrylic – acrylic is slightly porous and it holds onto bacteria, making it unsuitable for stretching.

Why do gauges stink?

When your skin stretches from the gauge, it will naturally kill some skin cells during the process. It is very easy to get a build up of dead skin cells around the area, which may cause a foul odor. The larger the gauge you are wearing, the more skin surface that will be affected.

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Are silicone plugs good for ears?

Silicone is bacteria friendly Ear stretching with silicone can lead to blowouts, bacterial issues including intrusions and infections. Silicone plugs are great for healed stretched piercings and other large piercings because they’re so comfy and lightweight.

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