Often asked: How To Make Icing Look Like Wood?

How do I make icing look like tree bark?

The tree bark effect is made by pressing long strips of curled chocolate into the buttercream, then painting over it with more melted chocolate. The protruding curls, uneven brush strokes, and globs of chocolate really made the cake look like realistic!

What is wafer paper made of?

Wafer paper (a.k.a. rice paper) is made from potato and is used mostly for accents that stand off a cake and hold their shape more reliably than an icing sheet. Wafer Paper comes in six bright colors and white and has a slight vanilla flavor. White is available in thin or double thickness.

What is a cake marker?

Mark horizontal lines around the sides of your cake for stripes, borders, accents and more. Section sides of cake easily for evenly spaced garlands, drop strings, floral placement. This tool can help you get it done accurately and inconspicuously.

What is in birch bark?

Bark is actually made up of several thin layers, held together by a powdery white substance called betulin, which can be used as a painkiller. In addition, paper birch bark is highly rot resistant, and makes an excellent fire starter, even when wet.

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