Often asked: How To Make A Wooden Spurtle?

What wood is a spurtle made from?

Spurtles are made from wood, including beech, cherry wood, and maple. They come in a range of sizes. Traditional spurtles have stylized thistles at the top, while modern ones often have a smooth taper. The custom is that a spurtle should be used to stir in a clockwise direction with the right hand.

What is the best wood for wooden spoons?

The best are hard, lightweight, durable woods, like beech, maple, or (the new eco-friendly favorite of many manufacturers) bamboo. Wood isn’t only naturally a little giving, but also softer on the hands, and, with time, it will slowly conform to the shape of your hand and pot.

How good is a spurtle?

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this set of utensils! The large spurtle is just right for stirring/browning food in my Instant Pot. Works really great at scraping bits off the bottom of the pot as well as for crumbling ground beef.

What is a wooden spurtle set?

Crate Collective The Original 4-Piece Bamboo Spurtle Set – Wooden Cooking Spoon Utensils for Stirring, Serving, Mixing, Whisking, Whipping, Flipping Food – Non-Scratching, Eco-Conscious Kitchen Tools.

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How do you make a wooden spatula?

How to Create a Wooden Spoon using HAND TOOLS.

  1. Draw a rough outline of the desire spoon on a piece of wood.
  2. Cut out the outline of the spoon.
  3. Use a rounded gouge to carve out the bowl of the spoon.
  4. Shape the outside of the bowl and handle.
  5. Sand the wooden spoon.
  6. Apply a food safe finish and enjoy.

How big is a spurtle?

Lancaster spurtles are meant to be used in most applications where you would use a spoon or a spatula. They are easy to clean and are the perfect size – 12” long. All of our wooden cooking utensils and tools are made by Amish craftsmen and artisans.

How do you make porridge with Spurtles?

From national newspaper journalists to a famous food loving BBC broadcaster, when reporting on Porridge they all get it wrong. The correct way to hold a Spurtle is with the thistle or shaped end in your hand and the smooth rounded end placed in the Porridge.

Why do they call it a spurtle?

However, the tool he called a spurtle looked more like a wooden spoon with the contour of a spatula. Thanks to the flat surface area, Kerr used it for more than just cooking porridge, like stirring melted marshmallows for Rice Krispies treats.

Why is it called a spurtle?

noun: A wooden stick for stirring porridge. ETYMOLOGY: Of uncertain origin, perhaps from Latin spatula, or from sprit (a pole to extend a sail on a ship).

What is a Scottish porridge stirrer called?

A hand-carved Scottish Porridge stirrer called wooden spurtle, it is the traditional Scottish utensil for stirring porridge, ideal for any discerning porridge lover. Made from carefully sourced lime wood from the Scottish West Highlands and bathed in warm linseed oil for longevity.

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Is olive wood better than bamboo?

If not taken good care of, bamboo easily chips and develops splinters because of its hardness. Then comes the olive wood. It is definitely less durable, but much easier to take care of. It can be cleaned very easily, and has a high moisture content.

How do you season new wooden spoons?

Mix one part white vinegar to five parts warm water in a dishpan, bowl or small pail and soak the wooden spoons in the mixture for several minutes. Rinse the spoons with warm water and allow them to dry completely. It may take two to three days for the spoons to completely dry.

Do you need to oil wooden spoons?

Wooden cutting boards need to be kept clean and daily maintenance is often a good scrub with hot soapy water after using. Depending on how often you use your boards and wooden spoons, you should also give them an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out.

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