Often asked: How To Make A Wooden Flatbed For A Truck?

What wood is good for flat bed truck?

The answer is Apitong also known as Keruing. Apitong / Keruing is used by all major flatbed trailer manufactures like Great Dane, Fontaine, Wilson, Transcraft, MAC, Wabash, Doonan Specialized Trailer, XL-Specialized and more. They are the professionals and they know what is best. They all choose Apitong / Keruing.

How much does a flatbed for a pickup cost?

Most new flatbed trucks can start as low as $30,000 and reach prices as high as $80,000. It’s a wide range, we know, as it encompasses various sizes and feature options of new flatbeds. Additionally, a combination of multiple features and heavy duty abilities can take the price into six figures.

How do you seal a wooden truck bed?

Pour more linseed oil onto the truck bed. Wipe it in the length of the bed. If it continues to soak into the wood, apply more linseed oil until the bed looks wet again. Wait two weeks to one month and apply another coat of oil.

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How do you make a stake bed?

Making Upright Stakes

  1. Determine the height for the trailer sides.
  2. Cut vertical stakes from 2″ x 4″ wooden framing lumber.
  3. Taper cut 6″ of the bottom end of the stakes, removing about 1/2″ from each side of the stake, ending with a smooth, not pointed, tip.
  4. Drop the stakes into the insert holes.

What kind of wood should I use for a trailer floor?

Many different species of wood have been used for truck trailer flooring. The most common species in use today are hardwood Apitong which is also known as Keruing, American Red and White Oak, and softwood Southern Yellow Pine.

What kind of wood is best for trailer floor?

Oak: It is considered the toughest flooring choice for trailers. It is more durable than Standard Pine and Douglas fir though also costlier. White oak is a popular choice among trailer owners. Apitong: This variety is a popular choice due to its hardness that makes it great for rough use.

How do you turn a truck into a flatbed?

Convert Your Pickup Truck to a Flatbed

  1. Step 1: Tools and Materials. 6 More Images.
  2. Step 2: Remove the Old Bed.
  3. Step 3: Cut and Prep Your Materials.
  4. Step 4: Layout and Welding.
  5. Step 5: Cutting and Attaching the Lumber.
  6. Step 6: Painting and Finishing the Frame.
  7. Step 7: Attach the Tail Lights.

How much is a flatbed worth?

Gently used flatbed trucks with low mileage begin at around $30,000. Higher-mileage trucks in good condition usually run $10,000 to $20,000. Very high mileage trucks with some wear and tear can be purchased in the $10,000 to $15,000 range.

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How much does a CM flatbed cost?

At Country Blacksmith, we stock many CM service bodies, dump beds, skirted aluminum flatbeds, and platform beds at our Mount Vernon and Carterville, Illinois stores. We install most flatbeds for $785.00; backup cameras for $100.00; and back up sensors for $300.00.

Can linseed oil be used on wood?

It is important to apply this finishing oil only on bare or previously oiled wood, since any other finish such as paint, varnish or wax will prevent the penetration of the oil. Painted, varnished or waxed wood will therefore need to be cleaned and/or stripped to bare wood before proceeding with linseed oil application.

How do you finish a wood bed?

Sand the surface with 120 grit and again with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper. Pine should be sanded enough to remove any planers marks. Always use a flat sanding block when sanding oak or pine to prevent cutting away the softer parts of the wood grains. Remove all sanding dust before applying the finish.

How does tung oil work?

Tung oil hardens upon exposure to air (through polymerization), and the resulting coating is transparent and has a deep, almost wet look. Used mostly for finishing and protecting wood, after numerous coats, the finish can even look plastic-like. Related drying oils include linseed, safflower, poppy, and soybean oils.

How do you use a truck stake pocket?

To complete this simple job, just drop the inserts into the stake pockets and fasten the bolts into place without fully tightening. Remove the top bolts and move the rack into place on the truck bed, then lightly screw the bolts back in place so they are holding the bed, but do not tighten them down just yet.

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What size are stake pockets?

The inner dimensions of the stake pocket are 3-1/2″ (w) x 1-9/16″ (deep).

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