Often asked: How To Make A Wooden Box With A Secret Compartment?

How do you make something with a secret compartment?

Cut 1/4-in. plywood 1/16-in. smaller than the drawer opening and rest it on a couple of wood strips that are hot-glued to the drawer sides. Then hot-glue some item you’d expect to find in that drawer to the bottom so you have a handle to lift the false bottom secret compartment and reveal the booty.

What do you put inside a secret box?

Fill your secret compartment. Place pens, markers, pencils, rulers, flowers, etc. into the top space of the box. It will look like a holder to everyone else. To open the secret compartment, you need a long, thin object that is able to fit through the center hole you drilled in the thicker square.

How do you hide money in a drawer?

Drawers don’t go all the way to the back of a cabinet, and there’s typically a little space on the underside too. Put cash or important papers in an envelope and tape them to the back or underside of a drawer.

How do you build a secret storage space?

12 Easy Hidden Storage Ideas That You Can Actually Pull Off

  1. Hide Remotes in a Storage Side Table.
  2. Organize Excess Clothing Beneath the Bed.
  3. Utilize Wood Blocks for Toy Storage.
  4. Mask an Office in a Hidden Armoire.
  5. Create a Closet Under the Stairs.
  6. Store Valuables Using a Book Camouflage.
  7. Build a Spice Rack Next to Your Fridge.
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How do you hide things in plain sight?

Hiding in Plain Sight: 6 Sneaky Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe

  1. Reuse empty bottles and jars.
  2. Hide in feminine hygiene boxes.
  3. Use a tennis ball.
  4. Wear your valuables.
  5. Stuff it in a towel.
  6. Think beyond the glove box and trunk.

How do you open the secret puzzle box revolution?

As the name implies, the solution involves rotating and sliding the panels. Find the secret and you will reveal the opening inside to stash your small treasures. Made of pine with a gloss lacquered finish. 3-1/2″ square.

  1. Go to your orders and start the return.
  2. Select the return method.
  3. Ship it!

How do you get into puzzle boxes?

A Puzzle Box can be opened by moving the sliding pieces of its surfaces. You must move the pieces in the proper sequence and the right direction to open the box.

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