Often asked: How To Make A Tiki Mask Out Of Wood?

What wood is used for tiki carving?

For carving purposes, wood used may be Ash, Pine, Fir, Redwood, or other species of hardwoods. See Our Price List for Additional Details. * See also CARVED POST & RAIL STANCHIONS for Tiki-Style Posts.

What is a tiki mask made of?

Each tiki mask is hand carved and is usually made out of a strong wood and is finished with oils. King Kamehameha II in 1819 abolished the ancient religion of Aikapu and most religious temples were destroyed. Although a few artifacts still remain.

How do you make a Tiki Man?

Tiki Tiki Man

  1. 1 oz. gold rum.
  2. 1 oz. dark rum.
  3. 3/4 oz. Monin Tiki Blend.
  4. 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice.
  5. 1 oz. pineapple juice.

What should Whittle?

Easy Whittling Projects – Things To Carve from Wood

  • Painted wooden bird.
  • Whittled Bass fish.
  • Whittled standing shark.
  • Easy 3 minute owl.
  • Whittled wooden tobacco pipe.
  • Little whittled dinosaur.
  • Viking Chess piece.
  • Forest spirit wood carving.

What is a tiki idol?

TIKI. • Hawaiian Tiki statues represent the many Tiki gods in Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. They are carved from wood or stone and are most common in Central Eastern Polynesia. The original Tiki statues were carved by skilled artisans in the Maori tribe, which inhabited the islands until the early 1800s.

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How do you make a carving log?

Learning how to dry wood will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

  1. Cut the wood into the sizes you will use to carve.
  2. Remove the bark if possible.
  3. Coat the end of the wood with a sealer like paraffin or shellac.
  4. Store the wood in a sheltered area where it will be out of the rain.

Are tiki masks bad luck?

For example, a Tiki mask in either a private home or a public setting might be thought to protect people from the dangerous threats and temptations of evil spirits, while another mask might bring about general good luck for those in the home. Some people even believe certain masks promote fertility of the family.

Is Tiki a god?

The history of tiki culture dates back to ancient Polynesia. Such carvings were first discovered in Polynesia, and tiki carvings are said to represent a Polynesian God. Similar to the way the Christian religion sees Adam as the first created human, Maori mythology refers to Tiki as the first man.

What do tiki masks mean?

Traditionally, Tiki masks are wooden hand crafted masks initially created for the intent to protect people from evil spirits, increase fertility or as a deity’s avatar. According to legend, prior to the arrival of the missionaries in Hawaii – around 1820 – Hawaiians believed in many gods.

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