Often asked: How To Make A Dvd Rack Out Of Wood?

How do I play DVDs at home?

DVD Storage Ideas

  1. DVD Storage Idea #1: Store your DVDs in binders.
  2. DVD Storage Idea #2: Use DVD slips in a basket or a drawer.
  3. DVD Storage Idea #3: Build a shelf that’s designed to fit your DVDs.
  4. DVD Storage Idea #4: Build a DVD shelving unit on the back of a closet door.

What are the dimensions of a DVD case?

The standard measurements of a DVD case is 184 mm 130 mm and 14 mm thick or 7.2 in × 5.1 in and 0.6 in thick. The case provides proper protection for the disks and holds them fast, no matter what happens. The plastic which is used for keep case is much softer and less rigid than the one used for jewel cases.

How do you make a homemade book shelf?

Mix and match ideas or use an idea as a springboard for your own unique design.

  1. Easy and Simple Stacked Crate.
  2. Rustic Modern Simpson Strong-Tie Shelf.
  3. Simple Rustic Recycled Pallet DIY Bookshelf Design.
  4. Rustic A-Frame DIY Ladder Shelf.
  5. Suspended Leather Strap Hanging Design.
  6. Distressed Rustic “Home” Entryway DIY Bookshelves.

How do you make a VHS shelf?

How to Build VHS & DVD Storage Shelves

  1. Cut 2-by-6 lumber planks into pieces 1 foot long.
  2. Affix the two 8-inch boards to the foot-long board, one at each end.
  3. Repeat the process for as many shelves as you want.
  4. Add one last foot-long board to the top of your final shelf, gluing and/or nailing it in place.
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What is the size of a Blu Ray case?

Overall dimensions are 5-5/16″ X 6-3/4″ X 1/2″ (135 mm X 172 mm X 12.5 mm) – the standard Blu-ray packaging size. Blu-ray cases are slightly shorter and slimmer than traditional DVD packaging.

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