Often asked: How To Make A Doll Closet Out Of Wood?

How do you store doll clothes long term?

Place doll clothing into Ziploc bags for container storage. Instead of throwing your dolls’ outfits into containers separately, divide them into Ziploc bags based on clothing type. Afterwards, put the Ziploc bags into open-topped containers to keep them neatly organized.

How do you store vintage doll clothes?

All your dolls and doll clothing should, ideally, be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper prior to storage. This will also prevent the dolls from touching wood in a trunk or drawer (the acids in woods can also be damaging) or prevent dolls and clothing from touching one another.

How do you make a cardboard out of paper?

Glue two sheets of paper together. Spread your glue on one side of a sheet of paper, then align a second sheet of paper and stick them together. The corners and edges should align as closely as possible. This will form the foundation for your cardboard.

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