Often asked: How To Make A Cubby House Out Of Wood?

What kind of wood do you use to make a cubby house?

Generally outdoor structures are made using treated pine. Treated pine timber should have an H4 rating for on, or below ground application and an H3 rating for above ground.

What are cubby houses made out of?

It includes Timber, MDF boards, plywood, and sometimes other man-made compressed natural materials. Timber specifically means whole wood from a felled, or cut tree. It is cut down from a whole tree, and shaped for its purpose.

How high should a cubby house be?

The maximum finished height of the cubby house shall not exceed 3m in height, including the platform base. The sub-floor platform is part of your overall height, so please make sure your design accommodates these dimensions. Please note: The cubby does not have to be 3m high, this is the maximum it can be.

What age is a cubby house for?

It varies depending on the specific one you buy, but cubby houses can be for children anywhere between 10 months and 10 years old! Children can keep playing in their cubbies as long as they want too, there’s no set age limit (but do make sure to check the weight capacity if you buy a multi-story one).

Do wooden playhouses need a base?

All playhouses need a substantial base. The base should be solid, square, flat and level to ensure the stability of your playhouse. Paving slabs or concrete are ideal. A solid concrete base is more permanent and normally more expensive but it provides an excellent base especially for a larger playhouse.

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How do you move a wooden playhouse?

Wooden Playhouses If moving to a different area of the yard, there are a few different options. Probably the most basic option is to use a jack to lift it up to put skids underneath. Rolling it on wooden polls (think telephone polls, maybe narrower) or long pipes work equally well, depending on the weight.

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