How To Make Wooden Peg People?

How do you make a peg doll for kids?

Begin by wrapping some pipe cleaners wrapping some thread round your peg doll and leave two bits sticking out for hands. Next, add some material for a skirt and draw on a face and add wool for hair. You can stick feathers on the bottom to make an angel peg doll and make a small halo with a pipe cleaner!

How do you make a peg doll step by step?

Wrap the top of your peg with fabric or thread to create a top. Top Tip Tie a ribbon around the waist of your peg doll to hide the top of her skirt and help to keep it in place. Use a pipe cleaner to create arms for your peg doll. Wrap these in matching fabric to create a dress and use small pieces of felt for hands.

Why are peg dolls called Montessori?

Simple, colorful peg dolls are a Montessori fave. They’re perfectly sized for little hands, and there are countless ways toddlers can play and pretend with them for many years. We love these because they also teach sorting and basic colors.

What are Waldorf peg dolls?

A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a form of doll compatible with Waldorf (or Steiner) education philosophies. The dolls are generally made of natural fibers — such as wool, cotton, or linen — from their stuffing to their hair to their clothing.

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Do you varnish peg dolls?

Use a thin layer of varnish and if necessary, add an additional coat once the first is completely dry. Do the head or body first, wait for that to dry and then do the rest of the doll. I use Americana Dura Clear gloss varnish.

Why are wooden peg dolls?

The tradition of making peg dolls out of wooden clothes pegs comes from a time when people had little money to spend on toys. When toymaking stopped during World War 2, children would make toys from items they found in and outside their homes.

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