How To Make Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments?

How do you seal wood ornaments?

Once your ink is totally dry, apply a thin layer of sealer all around. Let the sealer dry, and then twist an eye pin into the top of your wood disc. Use this to tie a pretty ribbon or piece of twine which you can use to hang the ornament. That’s all there is to it!

Do you have to seal wood ornaments?

Sealing wood slices can help to keep them from flaking and it also gives them a nice little polished look, which is a cool juxtaposition to their rugged edges and gnarled centers. Psst- You can check out a bunch of other wood slice ornaments here.

How do you dry wood slices for ornaments?

How to Make Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments. If you’re planning on using wood that you have cut, bake your wood slices at a low heat (approximately 200 degrees F) for 45 minutes on each side to dry out the wood and kill any critters that may be hiding in the wood.

What do you paint wooden ornaments with?

– Acrylic craft paint is the most commonly used by crafters on wood, plastic, cement, and terracotta surfaces. It dries and adheres to wood and wooden furniture perfectly. I always have acrylic paint at home and used them for my snowman couple too. They are budget-friendly, and your kids love to use them too!

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How do you seal a piece of wood before painting?

Use glue or primer before painting on the slice; otherwise, your paint will be absorbed into the wood and your image will not be clear. To set your image, simply add a coat of clear varnish and let dry.

What kind of paint do you use on wood rounds?

A good, acrylic paint is perfect fine for wood slices. You don’t have to invest in anything fancy! I’ll link to my exact colors below, but feel free to choose any colors you love best.

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