How To Make Wood Wool?

What is wood wool made of?

Wood wool, known primarily as excelsior in North America, is a product made of wood slivers cut from logs.

What can I use instead of wood wool?

Here are the other alternatives you can use aside from wood wool:

  • Steel – Obviously, this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of as an alternative.
  • Glass – Like stainless steel, you can use glass as a replacement for plastic.
  • Bamboo – Finally, we also take a look at the bamboo.

Is wood wool safe?

There is a variety of packing materials on the market, such as wood wool and shredded paper, that are very practical and safe for hampers, fruit, wine, and even fresh produce like lobsters and crayfish.

Is wood wool eco friendly?

Recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free, wood wool is made carbon naturally from sustainable sources, meaning it is the most eco-friendly void fill option on the market.

Why is wood wool called Excelsior?

Excelsior means higher, better, superior. Excelsior is derived from the Latin word excelsus, meaning high, elevated, lofty. Excelsior is often used as a name for products to indicate high quality.

Can wood wool be recycled?

The wood wool can be safely recycled as garden waste.

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How do you clean wood wool pads?

Durability and Maintenance The cooling pads need to be periodically cleaned with water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. It is advised to replace the wood wool cooling pads every year, however, honeycomb cooling pads need replacement once in 3 years.

What is wood wool insulation?

Insulating with wood wool is an ecological way of insulating. The material comes from sustainably managed forests and it is completely recyclable according to the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle. Wood wool has a high heat storage capacity, it is vapour permeable and it has good sound insulating properties as well.

What are wood wool slabs?

Wood wool slabs are manufactured predominantly from softwood shavings (wood wool) that have been coated and bonded with Portland cement and compressed to form low to medium density boards (see Manufacturing process). Wood wool cement board (WWCB) is durable and resistant to rot and biological decay.

What is a Woodwool slab?

Woodwool is a building board suitable for carrying lime or clay renders and plasters. It is made from mineralised wood, giving a board that is breathable “vapour permeable”, rot resistant and durable. Due to its high timber content, there is no problem with disposal and gives off no harmful gases or vapours when burnt.

What is Woodwool shuttering?

Woodwool is a man-made board material about 50 to 75mm thick comprising shredded timber bound together in a cement paste. Woodwool boards were used both as a permanent shuttering to flat slabs but also as a void former between concrete ribs.

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