How To Make Photo Blocks Wood?

How do you make a wooden picture block?


  1. Paint the wood blocks and let dry.
  2. Cut out the black and white photos with the scissors.
  3. Cut down the middle of the photo so that one half will fit onto each block.
  4. Apply Mod Podge to the back of the photo and then onto the top.

How do you transfer pictures to a wood block?

Apply Mod Podge, Gel Medium or any other Photo Transfer Medium directly to your print. Apply it to the side with the image – apply it to the front! Be sure to cover your print evenly and all the way to the edges. Once it’s covered with transfer medium place the image face down on the wood block.

How do you glue a picture to wood?

A PVA glue can be used to transfer photos to wood. You either follow the mod podge/glue method found above but replace the mod podge with PVA glue using a normal paper and inkjet printer. Or you can use OHP Transparency Sheets instead of paper to print the image on.

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How many pictures do you need for a photo cube?

Step 2: Print and prep your photos. You will need eight 3″x3″ pictures and two 3″x6″ pictures for this project. Print (or copy) them onto regular printer paper, NOT on photo paper. (Photo paper is too thick to bend easily and won’t work for this project.)

How do you transfer a picture onto a glass block?

Apply the Photo Transfer Medium to the top of the photo, until it is covered to the point of not being able to see the photo itself. Place it, face down, on the front of the glass block. Smooth out any air bubbles, this is where the scrapper or credit card come in handy. Let it sit for 24 hours.

What can you build out of wooden blocks?

Five Things to do with Wooden Blocks

  • DIY Color Blocked Wooden Blocks: Why yes, you should color block your blocks.
  • DIY Wooden Block Puzzle: Not just one puzzle, a wooden block puzzle makes up to six puzzles, in one!
  • DIY Wooden Block Necklace: This would make a great gift, ya know, for me.

What can kids make with wooden blocks?

Take a look at these fun and easy wooden block projects to get you inspired.

  • Modern Wooden Blocks (via hello, Wonderful) Find out how to turn a set of plain blocks into a bright, playful and modern set.
  • Washi Tape Blocks (via Meri Cherry) Give plain blocks a designer makeover with strips of decorative tape.

How do you dye wood blocks?

Learning my method for how to dye wooden blocks might seem intimidating but it is really easy. Promise! Start with a primary color (red, blue or yellow) and add it to a dish with a tablespoon of water. Try 5 drops of dye and 1/4 cup water. Dye a single block or toy by dipping it into the color.

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How do you transfer a piece of paper to wood?


  1. Print out your design at the appropriate size needed for your wood.
  2. Turn your paper over so the printed out design is facing down.
  3. Flip your design back over and secure it into place on top of your wood using masking tape.
  4. Remove your paper and the outline of your design has been transferred onto your wood.

How do you transfer patterns from paper to wood?

1) Draw the pattern in reverse, go over it in soft pencil, put the pattern pencil side down on the wood and rub the paper. The pencil pattern will transfer to the paper. 2) Lay the pattern on the wood over a sheet of carbon paper. Trace over the pattern, the carbon paper will transfer the pattern to the wood.

Can you transfer glossy photo to wood?

First, get your wood slice, laser printed photo, Ultra Seal, and craft brush. This is all you’ll need for the first step. Trim your photo to fit onto your wood slice. Remember that the photo will be placed face down if you are transferring it to the wood, so it will be flipped on the wood slice.

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