How To Make A Wooden Valance?

What is a wooden valance called?

A cornice is a box-like wooden valance typically crafted from plywood, then covered with paint, wallpaper, or fabric and mounted to the wall above the window. Other cornices are carved from attractive wood and then stained to look good without needing paint or fabric coverings.

How long should you make a valance?

The length of the valance should be 1/4 the window height plus one inch. Using these measurements, cut a rectangle from your fabric and lining. Place the fabric and lining right sides together. Using a 1/2-inch seam, stitch the fabric and lining together, leaving an opening for turning.

How much wider than the window should a valance be?

It depends on many things, but generally speaking, the valance will need to be somewhere between 2 to 3-1/2 times the width of the window you’re trying to cover. For example, if the window is 50 inches wide, the valance should be about 100 to 150 inches wide when laid flat.

How far down should a window valance hang?

Another rule of thumb used by decorators is that the window valance depth should be 1/4 of the overall window height, plus 1 inch. A 60-inch tall window, then, would call for a 16-inch deep valance, while a 48-inch window calls for a valance about 13 inches deep.

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Are cornices out of style?

It is very safe to say that cornices are still in style, so don’t hesitate, pick a cornice that integrates your whole space cohesively and set up by your window space. The year 2020 presents an array of options with cornices right from the classic wooden cornices, right up to the upholstered options as well.

What is the difference between a tier and valance?

Tier and valance set – usually include 2 tiers and one valance. Tier and swag set – usually include 2 tiers and a swag. Tiers – Fabric panels that cover the bottom half of a window. Valances – Decorative fabric top treatment used alone or with other window treatments such as tiers, panels or mini blinds.

Are cornices out of style 2021?

What’s popular in 2021? In 2021, a minimal, more tailored style is popular as opposed to the ruffles and scarf swags of the 80’s. Because of this the streamlined style of a cornice has become popular and may be what you are looking for.

How far should a cornice come out from the wall?

Cornice boards are usually mounted 4 inches above the top of the window frame or window treatment. The height of the cornice is generally 1/5 the total height measurement of the window or the current treatment.

How do you make a simple pelmet?

How to Make a Pelmet Box {Tutorial}

  1. one 12” board cut to be four inches longer than the width of your window.
  2. three 3” returns cut {cut one in half again}
  3. 12 screws.
  4. drill.
  5. fabric to cover the pelmet.
  6. batting.
  7. staple gun.
  8. trim if desired.

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