How To Make A Wooden Tech Deck?

What kind of wood do you use to make a fingerboard?

In this video tutorial I’ll you show my process for making wooden fingerboards! I made this deck using standard 0.6mm wood veneers and a Gator fingerboard mold. The woods I used were Maple and Santos Rosewood. You can find inexpensive fingerboard molds on Ebay – follow the links below to find your own mold.

Are Tech Decks still popular?

“ Tech Deck is a very popular brand,” Joe D said. “As far as differences in Tech Decks and fingerboards, fingerboards are made like normal skateboards.

Why are fingerboards so expensive?

The reason why fingerboards are expensive because of the time and knowledge that is put into them. Besides just wood and glue, there is a lot more that goes into the making of a professional fingerboard.

Are Tech Decks discontinued?

Tech Deck – SK8 Skate Shop Bonus Pack (Styles Vary) ( Discontinued by manufacturer )

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