How To Make A Wooden Bench Vise?

What do you use a bench vise for?

To state in simple terms, a bench vise is a mechanical apparatus used to secure an object that is to be worked on. It features two parallel jaws as part of the design. The device is widely used in the mechanical and woodworking industries, among others.

How thick should a Moxon vise be?

To build the vise, mill all the components to 1 3/4” thick. All three components are 1-3/4” thick. On our complete vises we mill a rectangular mortise for the nut in the fixed chop, but you can also chop this mortise by hand.

What wood should I use for Moxon vise?

Whatever option you choose, you’ll need to purchase lumber for the vise body. I paid $28 for a 7-foot length of 2×6 Western maple. Inset the Nut – To create a cavity for the nuts in the back of the fixed jaw, draw the outline of the nut and remove the waste with a chisel.

How wide should a Moxon vise be?

Unless you have the urge to have several vises, you want a clamping distance wide enough for any carcase you are likely to make – say 24″ max, but 18″ or 20″ between the screws is probably more realistic.

Where do you mount a vise?

The best benches have both, but if you can only afford one, I’d go for a face vise initially. Right-handers should mount a face vise at the far left of the bench’s front edge and an end vise on the end of the bench at the foremost right-hand corner.

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