How To Make A Wood Bead Chandelier?

How many beads do you need for a chandelier?

You should be adding 12 strands, for a total 32 strands hanging now. The single, extra-long strands will be placed offset in any open spot you’d like. Once these are hung you will have a total of 36 strands of beads hanging from your hoop. Make sure to tie each strand to the hoop nice and tight!

How do you string a bead for a chandelier?


  1. Cut beaded strands off of tie-back tassels with scissors.
  2. Thread a beading needle with thin metal wire and restring the beaded strands.
  3. After restringing, make sure to tie off the top ends of each strand and leave a bit of extra wire to attach to the chandelier.

Can you paint a beaded chandelier?

The beads have a lovely sheen to them, and it does not look “painted”. That was a nice, unexpected perk of spray painting this fixture rather than brushing it, but I did have to open the bead strands in a few places, stick my arm in, and spray the inside. I did two good coats and then let the chandelier dry overnight.

How do you dress up a chandelier?

Give an old, uninteresting chandelier a fresh new look by dressing it up with beads. Translucent glass beads allow the light to shine through for added sparkle. If using clear or translucent beads, pair them with UV-resistant monofilament fishing line to create durable beaded chandelier strands.

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How do you spruce up an old chandelier?

Upgrade an Outdated Chandelier

  1. Apply Spray Paint. If you have a dated chandelier (Image 1) that you’d like to give a distinctive and classic look, begin by spray-painting the chandelier using a nice antique paint finish (Image 2).
  2. Add Decorative Candle Sleeves.
  3. Add Hanging Crystals.

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