FAQ: What To Make With Wooden Blocks?

What can kids make with wooden blocks?

Take a look at these fun and easy wooden block projects to get you inspired.

  • Modern Wooden Blocks (via hello, Wonderful) Find out how to turn a set of plain blocks into a bright, playful and modern set.
  • Washi Tape Blocks (via Meri Cherry) Give plain blocks a designer makeover with strips of decorative tape.

What is wooden block used for?

a block of wood engraved in relief, for printing from; woodcut. a print or impression from such a block. a hollow block of hard wood struck with a wooden stick or mallet and used in the percussion section of an orchestra.

How do you reuse wooden boards?

7 Easy Ways to Reuse a Plank of Wood

  1. A Note Board. Mount the wood to a wall using D-hook and use pushpins to attach notes and important reminders.
  2. Towel Rack.
  3. Advent Calendar.
  4. Faux Tombstone.
  5. Candle Holder.
  6. Frame It.
  7. Hang it as is on D-hooks.

Is a wood block an instrument?

Description. A wood block is a small slit drum made from a single piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument.

What are the benefits of building blocks?

Blocks help children learn to take turns and share materials, develop new friendships, become self-reliant, increase attention span, cooperate with others, and develop self-esteem.

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What are the stages of block play?

The stages are developmental—each one building on the last—but children advance at their own rate regardless of their age.

  • Stage 1: Discovering Blocks.
  • Stage 2: Stacking Blocks.
  • Stage 3: Complex Stacking.
  • Stage 4: Making Enclosures.
  • Stage 5: Creating Bridges or Arches.
  • Stage 6: Combining Enclosures and Bridges.

How do you make alphabet blocks?


  1. Start by tracing your blocks on your scrapbook paper. I used 12 small sheets of paper in six different colors/patterns.
  2. Paint the wooden blocks.
  3. Cut out your squares.
  4. Choose six squares per block.
  5. Glue them on.
  6. Cut out your letters.
  7. Adhere the letters.
  8. Let your blocks dry completely.

How do you decoupage a wooden block?

Directions to Decoupage Craft Blocks:

  1. Lightly sand the wooden blocks to smooth any splintered or rough areas.
  2. Cut squares from an old text to fit onto the sides of your blocks.
  3. Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the paper squares and then apply the squares to the sides of your blocks.

How do you Modge podge a wood block?

Brush a coat of Mod Podge on one side of a block and press either a paper square or letter shape over the glue. Smooth out any bubbles and allow to dry. Repeat this step with the other blocks. Cover the sides of each block, working in stages as each side dries.

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