FAQ: How To Make Wooden Stair Rods?

Why are stair rods so expensive?

Often More Expensive than Stair Clips Mainly due to the obvious presence of more material, stair rods are usually the more costly option compared with stair clips.

How do you cut a stair rod?

Generally, your stair rod should measure 10-15cm longer than the width of your stair runner carpet, but make sure you are factoring in the added length of the finials before you start cutting. To cut your stair rod, simply remove the finials, measure to the desired length and cut using a hacksaw.

How wide should stair rods be?

For this size we recommend the stair rod should be 10cm (or 4”) over the width of the carpet – 5cm (or 2”) either side. We recommend fitting a stair rod on the bottom step. The bracket should sit on the staircase itself, directly alongside the carpet.

Can you fit a stair runner yourself?

You can totally install a stair runner all by yourself, just a few supplies required. The pads of your feet will definitely thank you.

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Where do you start a stair runner?

Install Runner on Stairs Starting at the top if your rig is like mine it has a nice folded edge that you can start with. I placed this under the lip of the floor (on the first riser) and begin stapling across the top.

Should I use stair rods?

With the exception of StarGrip rods, stair rods are entirely aesthetic and are not recommended for fitting stair carpets or runners. For your own safety, it is essential that your carpet is installed by other means. Fitting your carpet correctly increases its lifespan and improves the safety of your stair case.

What is the point of stair rods?

Generally speaking, stair rods are installed at the point where each of the steps on your staircase meet, and are used to hold a carpet runner in place.

Do stair runners need stair rods?

Do I need to buy stair rods with my stair runner? Your stair runner is held in place by gripper. Stair rods are purely decorative however do add a smart finishing touch.

Can stair rods be cut?

The solid stair rods are cut to your supplied dimensions – when supplying dimensions, these need to be tip to tip measurements, including the finial. For the budget stair rods which are not solid, these can be cut by you to your required size with a hacksaw.

Can you put stair rods on carpet?

For fully fitted carpets (from one side of your staircase to the other), when using the Front Fix design of stair rod, the half brackets simply fix over the front of the centred rod. Then screw them in through the carpet, tightening them up once you are happy the rod is centred.

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Can you put stair rods on fully carpeted stairs?

A: No, they don’t. They are purely decorative and your stair runner will therefore need attaching in another way. The normal approach is to use gripper, which firmly holds the stair runner to the stairs and so avoiding dangerous rucks.

How do you measure stair rods?

A Guide to our made-to-measure Stair Rods Measure the overall width of your runner, then add 4cm on each side. This will give you your end to end stair rod measurement. Please ensure this doesn’t exceed your staircase width.

How do you measure a stair runner?

Math Based Approach

  1. Measure the total width (A in the image above) of the stair.
  2. Measure the stair riser height (B) from the bottom to the lip of the step.
  3. Measure the stair depth (C) from around the lip to the top of the riser.
  4. Count the number of risers and stair depths the rug will need to cover.

How are carpet rods measured?

Stair Rods Measuring Guide The Royale rods should be 6″/15cm over the width of the carpet runner (3″/7.5cm each side). The Royale Vue can be measured as 4″/10cm over the width of the carpet runner (2″/5cm each side) as it’s simply a flat end.

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