FAQ: How To Make A Wooden Cheese Knife?

How do you sharpen a cheese slicer?

The first way on how to sharpen a cheese grater is to use sandpaper. You’ll need P120 and P180 sandpapers, respectively. First, use the P120 grit and sand the grates in the same way when shredding. Next, follow through with the P180 grit.

Can a wooden knife cut?

It was fun to make a knife out of wood and it still have it function like a real knife. Of course it doesn’t cut like a steel blade, and it won’t last as long. But that’s not the point.

Can a knife be made of wood?

While most knives are made from steel, they can certainly be made from other materials. Here, blademaker Kiwami Japan shows us how to transform a sheet of super-hard lignum vitae wood into a razor-sharp kitchen utensil, capable of slicing veggies just like a metal blade.

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