FAQ: How To Make A Wooden Biltong Box?

Does a biltong box Need a light?

Does the biltong box come with a light? Yes, the biltong box does now come with a light. A light is traditionally used to create air ventilation. The biltong box uses 2 fans for more efficient ventilation.

Do you need a biltong box to make biltong?

Kelly, you don’t need a large box if you’re only making a few pieces of biltong at a time. At it’s most basic, all you need is some sort of container where you can hang your biltong and move air through to dry the meat. I only use a cardboard box with an open top, and a small fan blowing air in at the bottom.

Do you need a fan for biltong?

Biltong should dry to ‘semi-moist’ within 24-48 hours, and should not take longer than a week even if you like it crisp. Just remember, when in doubt, leave the bulb out. Rather add an extra fan than heat.

How big should a biltong box be?

1-1.5 feet in length). The box could be made larger if you are going to be making more than this at a time – e.g. 2 feet wide by 3 feet high. The box needs to be large enough that biltong strips or dry wors (droëwors) do not touch each other. This ensures good airflow and therefore proper drying.

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How do you dry biltong quickly?

How do you dry Biltong quickly? The most important part of drying biltong is to hang your meat strips in a well-ventilated, dry area. This is essential because it helps prevent the growth of mould. Using a fan will help the meat dry faster.

Is it cheaper to make your own biltong?

This biltong recipe is relatively cost-effective, considering you pay more than R200 per kilo for biltong these days. If you use cheaper meat cuts and don’t mind chewing a little more, you can get away with making it for yourself at R70 per kilo. This is pretty cheap – 300% cheaper in fact.

Which vinegar is best for biltong?

Red wine vinegar is a great choice for making biltong.

Is Mouldy biltong safe to eat?

First, make sure it really is mouldy. You should also throw away any batch of biltong that has colored mould – it’s only safe to attempt to salvage white mould. Some molds, like those used to make blue cheese, are safe, but most should not be consumed.

How long does biltong last?

“In general, biltong should last for at least 4-6 days before being at risk of mold. The best methods to extend that time are to vacuum seal it (preferred) or keep in the fridge. In a well ventilated, non humid environment biltong sticks / pieces can last for week or even months.

What meat is best for biltong?

For the finest cuts, fillet, sirloin, or steaks cut from the hip, such as topside or silverside are used. Other cuts can be used, but are not as high in quality. Biltong can also be made from: Chicken, simply referred to as chicken biltong.

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Is biltong a healthy snack?

Avoid eating too much Although biltong is a nutritious snack, it’s still a good idea to eat it in moderation. Some of its ingredients may harm your health, particularly if consumed in excess.

What is the best temperature to dry biltong?

Preparation practices must be hygienic to avoid cross-contamination. Acidic marinades should used be at 0 to 4ºC. The air for drying biltong should be heated to around 35ºC, depending on the ambient conditions.

Can I use LED bulb for biltong?

Just make sure you don’t fit an LED bulb because they don’t give off any heat. Drill holes either side of your tub, large enough to insert your wooden rods, for a 100l tub you should be able to fit 4 rods.

What is the difference between jerky and biltong?

Texture: Fluffy vs Chewy Beef jerky is commonly sliced into strips before the cooking and drying process. Biltong is air dried as a whole piece and then sliced into bite-sized pieces. Due to the drying and slicing process, most biltong is softer and fluffier in texture whereas beef jerky has more of a steak-like chew.

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