FAQ: How To Make A Wooden Bath Panel?

What wood is best for a bath panel?

Bath panels are traditionally made from two materials – acrylic and wood, usually MDF. Wooden bath panels will be between 5 – 18mm in thickness while acrylic bath panels feature a fibreglass core wrapped in plastic. They are often cheaper than MDF panels and can be easier to cut as they are thinner.

Are wooden bath panels good?

Wood. Wooden bath panel ideas are great if you’re seeking to add warmth or a natural touch to your bathroom space. This means that you can easily create a modern and consistent look in your bathroom when choosing a wood shaker style bath end.

Can I use MDF as a bath panel?

Modern contemporary bath panels tend to be simplistic and plain and are quite often tiled. You can do that, a tongue and groove effect bath panel or simply miter some beading onto a flat sheet of plywood or water resistant MDF to create faux panels that match the doors in your house for example.

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Can you cut a wooden bath panel?

Once the main panels are joined, you’ll need to cut down the plinth. Any cuts that you make should be from the wall end of the plinth and you’ll also need to allow for any skirting boards or pipes. Any cut edges of your wood should be sealed with a PVA mixture or varnish to prevent water penetration.

Are wooden bath panels waterproof?

Made from moisture resistant MDF and foil wrapped on the front, these panels are suitable for high moisture bathrooms. The foil wrap is waterproof and applied seamlessly without cutting which means there is no chance of water ingress from the front or edges of the panel.

Does a bath need a wooden frame?

The main job of the feet is to not only give a stable base between the bath and floor but to also allow the bath to be adjusted so that you can level it up. Aside from the galvanised frame and feet in most situations the bath is also fitted with a wooden frame to give it additional rigidity and strength.

Should bath panel be flush?

It should sit flush, actually slightly recessed. Need a router to take a chunk out of the top and bottom so that it does. MDF is the last thing I’d use for a bath panel, make sure its fully sealed otherwise it’ll soak up water and blow.

Which is better acrylic or MDF bath panel?

MDF bath panels are solid and do not bend like acrylic panels do when fitted correctly. Acrylic bath panels are easy to cut and generally cost less than MDF.

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What height are bath panels?

Standard height bath panels are only adjustable upto 560mm high, so we have introduced a range of extra height panels that can be adjusted to 620mm for those super deep baths.

Can I use plywood for a bath panel?

You can also pick up plywood really cheaply, cut it to size and use that as your bath panel. Check out this bath panel idea, where beading has been adding to create a panelling effect. You can do this so easily with just some decorating beading, a saw, a mitre box, and some wood glue.

Is MDF waterproof?

It should be noted that whichever method you use, MDF is moisture-resistant, not water-resistant, nor waterproof, and is still prone to swelling and warping if in direct contact with the elements.

Can you wrap a bath panel?

Sticky Back Plastic can be used to update your bathroom from bath panels & shower privacy to covering furniture and even walls, it’s resistant to moisture and steam, waterproof when sealed and very easy to keep clean – an effective & easy solution to your decor needs!

What tool do you use to cut a bath panel?

The easiest method is to use the mini hacksaw. Remember to let the saw do the work and push and pull gently and slowly to avoid splitting the plastic. Once the bath panel has been trimmed down, use a router to cut a rebate in a strip of timber.

How do you get a bath panel off?

Pull the left hand side out at the bottom as that’s the free end, you’ll need to twist the panel to pop the tongue at the top out from under the bath, then slide the whole panel out by pulling it in the left hand direction and outwards.

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