FAQ: How To Make A Wood Tree Collar?

What can I use instead of a tree skirt?

DIY Budget-Friendly Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree Skirt

  1. Live Root Ball. Cut the fabric of choice into a square large enough to wrap around your tree skirt.
  2. Deco Mesh Wreath. Grab a friend and make this festive deco mesh wreath to use as an alternative to a tree skirt.
  3. Faux Fur Blanket.
  4. Gift Box.

What do you fill a tree collar with?

I chose to fill the inside of the tree collar with some burlap fabric. It covers the stand and fills in the empty space so nicely! You could use another kind of fabric or even a white “snow blanket.” It all depends on your style!

How do you make a collar out of cardboard Christmas trees?

DIY Faux Barn Wood Christmas Tree Collar

  1. Gather materials.
  2. Make a box.
  3. Cover the cardboard with paper.
  4. Fold the top edge of the paper down and glue it on the inside of the box.
  5. Wrap the box around the base of the Christmas tree and use a big binder clip to secure the box together in the back of the tree.
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How do you make a tree collar out of cardboard?

How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree Collar

  1. Step One: Prep the Cardboard Box. Use a serrated knife to cut one corner seam of the cardboard box.
  2. Step two: Wrap the Box. Grab your kiddos’ glue sticks and your favorite wrapping paper.
  3. Step Three: Secure in Place.

Does a tree skirt cover the tree stand?

Say goodbye to the fussy Christmas tree skirt and hello to the Christmas tree collar. Christmas tree skirts hide unattractive tree stands, provide a soft surface to place presents, and can be another tree decoration. But the tree skirt has been around almost as long as the tree stand, invented way back in 1879.

How do you use a throw blanket as a tree skirt?

Start with a standard size throw blanket. Fold the blanket evenly into quarters. In the center, cut a circle just large enough to fit the tree trunk (if you’re using an artificial tree that won’t need to be watered or an inch and a half larger for a real tree). Cut across line shown to wrap around the base of the tree.

How much material do I need to make a tree skirt?

For a 6′ tall tree, your skirt should be at least 44″ round (or 112cm). You will need two circles of fabric, so you will need 2½ yards of fabric (assuming the bolt of fabric is at least 44″ wide) – or 1¼ yards of each if using contrasting fabrics top and bottom.

Is a tree skirt necessary?

And in any home where a Christmas tree will be set up during the holidays, it’s as essential to have a great tree skirt underneath the tree as it is to have a shining star up on the top. Tree skirts also help to keep pets and kids away from the tree stand.

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Do tree collars work for real trees?

4) Will they work for real or artificial trees? Both! The collar surrounds the tree stand and the base of the tree -both real or fake trees just stand inside the collar.

How do I know what size my tree collar is?

My advice is that you make sure the collar isn’t so small that it disappears under your tree, but not so big that it gobbles up all the room for presents. If your tree collar is about as wide as the width of your tree at the halfway height, that should result in an aesthetically pleasing “collar to tree” width ratio!

How do tree collars work?

A tree collar is like a choker for the bottom of your tree that covers the stand you screw your evergreen into. We’ve been seeing them everywhere already so early on in the season, and we love them because they are a chic, unfussy way to cover that clunky base.

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