FAQ: How To Make A Spice Rack Out Of Wood?

What kind of wood do you use for a spice rack?

What Kind of Wood Do You Need to Make This Spice Rack? This easy to build spice cabinet can be made with just about any type of wood. I used common pine to build the cabinet and shelves. Pine is inexpensive and easy to work with.

What is the best container to store spices?

The Best Storage Containers

  • Tins. This is the best possible place for your spices; preferably tins without glass tops.
  • Small Spice Jars. Ikea has affordable options.
  • Carousel spice racks. These popular organizers are best stored inside a cupboard, away from sunlight.
  • Mason Jars. Perhaps the most eco-friendly choice.

How do you organize spices in a lazy Susan?

Lazy Susan Turntable A lazy susan is perfect for storing spices. You can keep it in a cupboard or keep it on the counter. Use the turn table to turn the spices and see all your different bottles. These are so useful!

How do you hang a spice rack on the wall?

Mounting the spice rack to the wall requires inserting a couple of screws into the wall in the appropriate places.

  1. Assemble the BEKVAM spice rack fully and then hold it up to the wall in the location where you wish to hang it.
  2. Make a small pencil mark on the wall to indicate the top edge of the spice rack.
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Is it better to store spices in glass or plastic?

The expensive and high quality spices are always stored in glass. Plastic can be porous, allowing in small amounts of air that slowly damage spices. While every spice has an expiration date if properly stored and sealed, glass will extend the shelf life significantly.

Are mason jars good for storing spices?

Mason jars hold a practical amount of spices. Mason jars easily hold a half cup or more of spices. They also hold whole spices easily; I store cinnamon sticks and whole dried chiles in the jars.

What is the shelf life of dry spices?

Ground, or powdered, spices typically have a shelf life of 2–3 years.

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