1/25 Mini Board Open Paint

Join us for a special MINI BOARD Open Paint! We will have 8x8" boards for $10 (for kids) and 12x12" boards for adults at a discounted rate of $25! You aren't limited to these sizes, so if you would like to make a different size board, go for it!

This event will take place on 1/25 from 1:30-3:30. We recommend arriving by 1:30 to make sure you have a seat.


Please leave a note when you check out with the design code from our DESIGN GALLERY so we can have your design ready for you. Each design has specific sizes for that design, so be sure to choose the size that goes with the design code you are sending.


To get the MINI BOARD DISCOUNT for this Open Paint Special Event, use the code MINI for $10 off the 12x12 board. We are also offering 8x8" Kids boards for $10 (please reserve 8x8 boards for kids only).


To see pricing and register, please select a size and framing option. Then provide the design code and initial for the waiver. To proceed with registering, please click the "Register Now" button.


    All registered guests must sign a waiver in order to participate upon arriving at The Rustic Orchid, which states:

    I, __________________________, release the rustic orchid of any liability, cost and damages if any should arise from participating in this activity. If I choose to bring and consume alchohol, I will do so responsibly and at my own risk and release The Rustic Orchid from any liability, cost or damages for doing so. I agree to accept financial responsibility for any costs related to emergency treatement and give my confirmation of the same by signing this document. I understand I will be using paints, stains and tools to complete my project and should I and/or my child(ren) obtain any injuries, I release The Rustic Orchid from any liability, cost or damages for doing so.


    I understand The Rustic Orchid will be taking photos at each event and using these for marketing purposes in social media, emails and websites without the use of my name. In signing this form, I agree to allow photos of myself and/or child(ren) to be used for marketing purposes and release The Rustic Orchid from any liability or claims connected to my participation.

    Items made at The Rustic Orchid are for personal use only. I agree to not commercially sell items I have made at The Rustic Orchid or subsequently turn what I have learned into a business in which I, or another individual, financially benefit from. I further agree to not share or teach The Rustic Orchid's trade techniques for recreating items learned at The Rustic Orchid in my own venture or another establishment within 250 miles of The Rustic Orchid.


Board Size
Add a Frame? (Solid boards only)

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